Denim Domination: SS14 Fash Pack Are Forever In Blue Jeans (And Jackets, Dresses, Skirts, Shoes…)

I can pin point the exact moment when denim died. Britney and Justin rocked up to the 2001 American Music Awards in matching double denim and the death knell sounded on our beloved blues.

But having spent a few years in the wilderness, denniyums are back and are dominating both high end and high street this season. Even Vogue's fashion features director, Sarah Harris, has given it a manicured thumbs up, saying it can work for every woman and for every occasion.

And while I would caution against taking inspiration from Ms. Spears, pretty much everything else goes. Dresses, shorts, bags, shoes, bras - if you can think it, you can denim it.

Even the plain old jean is getting a makeover with rips, slouchy boyfriends (the style, not Himself who is slumped on the sofa), exaggerated turn-ups, patchwork and embellishment all making an appearance in the catwalk collections.


And you can pick any wash this year, we are embracing 'em all - indigo, light wash, even the 80s stone wash is back in the fashion fold.

Are you a denim aficionado and will allow nothing to part you from your bum-flattering 7s? Or are you still struggling to find the perfect pair and would rather give a denim dress, skirt or *whisper it* dungarees a whirl? Tell us in the comments!


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