How to make your jeans and a nice top outfit extra

A jeans and nice top outfit is always a failsafe. But here's how to make it look that little bit extra.

There'll come a time over the festive season when all your clothes are in the wash. All except your trusty jeans and the nice top you've had forever. Or, you'll have been smart and will have put those nice tops aside, especially for when such an occasion arises. But among all the party dresses and going out looks will be other women wearing that trusted outfit combo.

So, how to separate your outfit from the crowd? How to look like you've made a real effort and not relied on a tried and trusted go-to? How to make your jeans and a nice top outfit extra? Here's how.

There are two ways to go about it from the get-go.

  1. Make that nice top do all the talkin'
  2. The jeans and a nice top are the foundation - the shoes and accessories are the stars.

Really nice tops

The easiest way to funk up this type of ensemble is to make sure your 'nice top' stands out. If that's the main feature, you don't really have to worry about anything else. It's the whole reason this outfit combo became a 'thing', although now it's mainstream, the concept has become basic. That's not a complaint; it's what happens when anything goes mainstream. So just remember that your jeans and a nice top outfit, may not even be tarred with that label, chosen wisely.

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All In The Accessories

You can spruce up any jeans and a nice top outfit with choice accessories. This year, belts are huge, but you can never go wrong with statement earrings. Layered delicate necklaces are gorgeous if you're going for the minimalist look. Also, in this case, the 'accessories' include shoes and jackets. Wear a show-stopping jacket like this and you're pretty much all set. And here's a choice of party shoes to put all the attention on.


 How do you dress up your jeans and a nice top outfit?

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