Do you recognise this desk to drinks outfit? 'Cause EVERYONE's wearing it

When the days start to get longer and the weather starts to get sunny, you need a failsafe desk to drinks outfit

Think about it and it will dawn on you. You've seen this clothes combo numerous times already this month and every time you've admired it. It's simple, but so very effective. And you know Pippa O'Connor would rock it (it's just her style). The blue ruffled shirt, blue straight jeans and flat mules combo is the desk to drinks outfit you may already own.

If you're like me and you tend to avoid wearing what everyone else is wearing because you don't want to be a style bot with no imagination, you may want to reconsider this stance, at least when it comes to this ensemble. You have to really, when it means you can dart out the door at hometime and join your pals in The Barge or wherever for cocktails in the sun. What's best about these pieces, though, is that you can combine them with other pieces to create similar handy outfits.

Look familiar?

The blue shirt and blue jeans and mules can of course be substituted with white (or any of summery colour) and other sorts of fancy flats - sandals or ballerinas, and not-meant-for-exercise runner - but this is Riviera chic brought to, well, wherever you are. (And backless loafers or mules are the flat shoes of the season.) Off the shoulder can replace the ruffles too, as can the big, billowing sleeves that are all over the place right now.


Zara €29.95

  • Blue jeans

topshop jeans desk to drinks outfit

Topshop kick fare jeans €52

  • Mules

river island mules desk to drinks outfit


River Island pony hair slip on mules €30 (down from €75!)


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