Dublin's & Other Stories store gets a launch date. Hurrah!

We are so excited, like, as excited as a Beatles fan getting a selfie with Paul McCartney, that & Other Stories has found a new home on Grafton Street and will be opening their doors in a matter of days.

On Friday, December 9th to be exact.

& Other Stories is part of the H&M family and its sophisticated sister COS lives here too (on Wicklow St, Dublin). H&M is the young, fun one that likes to hang out with everyone and have a good time; COS is the refined one who probably lives in a minimalist loft and knows her wine; and & Other Stories is the sister who loves fashion but doesn't love to be defined by it.

I visited (oh, this was no 'pop in') the & Other Stories store in Copenhagen, and I was like a Kardashian at a fan conference, but swap basking in glory for lusting after all the clothes, shoes, and accessories. The ethos of the brand is well-designed pieces for women who genuinely love fashion but who may not have the budget for it. Tick and tick.

Not many people know this but & Other Stories ships to Ireland. I have abstained from doing any online shopping because it's an addiction for which I am currently in recovery for, but I had a sneak peek of the offerings, and these are some of my favourites. You'll get a good idea of what to expect with these beauts.

other stories dress

We're wearing this to copious Christmas parties and to Electric Picnic next year.


other stories top

Glitter Culottes €85

other stories culottes

other stories shoes

other stories bag



Has your style evolved recently? Are you prepared to spend a little more on pieces these days?

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