Five of the sexiest pairs of red shoes for February 14th - and the rest of the year

Because everyone needs a pair of red shoes in their collection

I was invited to a hen party last year and was asked to bring a pair of red shoes for the theme (the Wizard of Oz). Not a huge ask, the bridesmaids would think, because, sure, every woman owns a pair of red shoes, right? Wrong. Hardly anyone does, but you should.

I had to borrow a pair for the hen because took place in the summertime and no shop had any red heels in stock. Luckily, around this time of year, there are scarlet shoes a plenty, and we've picked five of our favourites for your shopping pleasure.

They're not just any red shoes, though, they're sexy red shoes, so if it's comfort you're after, you've come to the wrong place. These heels are high and potentially dangerous, but unless you're sweet innocent Dorothy, that's what a ruby slipper is all about.




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