This is the maddest pair of jeans on the high street right now and we kinda need a pair

This is a most interesting mix of trends. Most interesting.

Topshop has released one a seriously vast collection of jeans. It went to great lengths to promote the new(ish) range, recruiting nine 'supermodels' to convince us regular Janes that we need a pair in our lives. But which one? Are we a Stella Maxwell, in the mid-rise skinny Leigh jean? Or a crop kind of gal, like recognisable name (in Topshop's dreams) Kiki Willems?

Well, it turns out we're Jamie jean people, like Lottie Moss, but we'd like ours with a side of ballet, please.

The latest offshoot is this: the Tulle Skirt Jamie Jean (€64).


Yes, it is your classic, high waisted skinny with a transparent skirt tacked on; no, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's not a trick; it's not been specially designed for the likes of Kendall Jenner to wear to whatever hot club is trying to promote itself at the mo. It's available now, and you can wear it to Coppers if you like.

Or, like, not.

It's a bit mad, but mad can be good. We'd probably buy a pair if we had a bigger pot of disposable income and wear them to gigs and festivals. We'd keep it low key and wear with trainers and a simple jumper or tank top in the summer. Would you ever consider wearing something like this?

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