How did we miss this amazing party dress from Dunnes?

This party dress from Dunnes has to be the Christmas dress of the season!

Well, this snazzy party dress snuck up on us. How is Dunnes not shouting out from the top of Stephen's Green about it? We suppose they're leaving it to the chosen few - that's us then!

Seriously, though, how amazing is this? It sparkles, it's a good length and its rainbow palette make matching shoes and accessories not only easy in the first place but easy to mix up. Can a sequinned striped colourful dress be versatile? Why, yes, yes, it most certainly can.

christmas party dress from Dunnes FI

Savida Sequin Stripe Dress €60

It's a really good price for something you'll have for ages and probably lend all of your friends. But, there's one tiny downside - it's an online exclusive, so don't be thinking you can just waltz into your nearest Dunnes and snap it up. It's a dress that plays hard to get - and we get that. Now, let us get at it!

If, in an ideal world, we were going to make a whole outfit out of it, here are the bits and pieces we would choose.


topshop coat


Luxe Faux Fur Coat 130


Lipsy Velvet Barely There Shoes €60.83


Dunnes isn't the only place with perfect party dresses. If, for some reason, this isn't your thing, how about this funky number from H&M? Here, we show you how to wear it three ways. Then there's the other H&M dress we found that costs only a tenner and may, just may become a staple in your wardrobe. We claimed this little beaut from Zara the dress of the season a few weeks ago - but has Dunnes stolen its title?


Do you like the dress? Is it something you will wear to death this Christmas? Can you believe Dunnes kept it under wraps for so long?

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