You need these 17 new-in-store pieces in your SS18 wardrobe

My favourite new-in-store piece is the most blatantly obvious nod to a designer tee that coincidentally proclaims 'love not labels.'

You've got to hand it to the cheeksters behind the new-in-store River Island t-shirt. It obviously references Gucci's t-shirt of 2017 while simultaneously selling the message that it's not the label that counts, it's love. Now, it is part of the store's 'Pride' collection, evidenced by the rainbow stripes. But coming from a brand that lifts designer ideas and sells them to the masses slightly amended and in cheaper material, its double-message it loud and clear. And while I'm trying to reduce my binge-buying and buy quality investment pieces, I kinda love it. And I want that tee.

River Island isn't the only high-street label to sell high-street versions of designer duds. They all do it. That's the point of them. Zara, seen as being slightly more up-market while being just as cheap (if not cheaper), is the worst offender, in the eyes of the designer brand. And boy, do they have some choice pieces to choose from for your SS18 wardrobe.

So forget about checking your bank balance for another day or two, remember that payday is just around the corner, and think of the future sartorial scenarios in which nothing except these pieces will work.

River Island

river island new-in-store t-shirt

Pride 'love not labels' T-shirt €25

river island new-in-store belt

Black horseshoe double buckle belt €17

river island new-in-store dress

Blue floral ruched front maxi dress €95


zara new-in-store bag

Mini Tote Bag with Leather Handles €39.95

zara new-in-store dress

Yellow Dress with Pleated Sleeves €39.95

zara new-in-store sunglasses

Slim Cat's Eye Sunglasses €15.95

New Look

new look new-in-store dress

White Ditsy Floral Button Up Midi Dress €29.99

new look new-in-store suit

Blue Check Oversized Blazer €39.99Blue Check Slim Leg Trousers €29.99


oasis new-in-store dress

oasis new-in-store sliders

Leather Strap Slider €33


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