Sandals, Wedges And Flats: Stunning Spring Shoes To Showcase Your Tootsies

It's Spring Bootcamp here at HQ.

We are exfoliating and de-furring our legs with a fervour that would put a sheep shearer to shame. And we've even broken out the fake tan in an attempt to prevent the glare from our white legs blinding small children.

And what is all of this in aid of, I hear you ask? Well, we have seen the most beautiful sandals and strappy heels landing on the shelves and we just can't WAIT to get our little tootsies into them.

From pops of colour to monochrome beauties, from wedge heels to stilettos,  there are so many choices out there. So we've done the work for you and found the best that the high street has to offer!


Your tootsies can thank us later.

Tell us, what do you think of our picks? Are your toes ready for the Outside World? Are you ready to throw caution and fleecy tights to the wind?

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