Topshop is selling THE most ridiculous pair of 'jeans'

Seriously, this jeans madness has to stop

Topshop, come on. You've established yourself as the king of jeans; you can stop trying to prove yourself. And please don't insult our intelligence and try to tell us that these are jeans.

What the actual ef, Topshop. Is this a joke? Clearly not, judging by that model's expression. Holy God, they're €76. NO!

There's not much more to say about them. Let's have another look.


No, still not jeans.

My favourite part about Topshop selling this pair of - wait, what do we call them? Cellophane leg wraps? - is how they just sit there among the gorgeous longline kimono and the amaze peacock wrap dress and all the other nice things, as if they belong.

Our eyes are strained from the eye rolling at Topshop's po-faced novelty pants, and we can say with 100% certainty that we'll never wear a pair of plastic pants, not even in a festival field. But we bet that some celeb is going be given them for free, will wear them and countless impressionable fashion-victims will follow suit, but they'll actually pay.

Topshop, the piss has been taken. You can stop now.

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