This bride and her bridesmaids carried the best ever alternatives to bouquets

Why would a bride and her bridesmaids carry boring old flowers when they can have a little cutie like this wriggling around in their arms?

When Sarah Mallouk Crain got married earlier this month, like every bride, she wanted to insert her personality into the day. Now, it just so happens that Sarah works for a dog rescue organisation. Do you see where this is going?

Yes, she and her maids forewent a floral bouquet in favour of - puppies! Rescue puppies who were all in need in a home.

The photos, taken by photographer Caroline Logan, have gone super viral. Because puppies. And gosh darn it, but don't people just love love? The puppies were all eight-week-old Boxer-Coonhounds and they've all since been adopted.

Talk about a happy ever after.


Best. Wedding. Ever.

Via Cosmopolitan

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