Get inspired by these engagement ring trends through the ages

Stuck for ideas for your ring? Then get inspired by these engagement ring trends from over the last century.

Did you get engaged over Christmas? Congrats! Are you in a world of confusion over the ring you're going to bear for the rest of your life? Then we're here to help (with a little help from Glam, Inc, who made the video).

When I got engaged, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. However, I didn't actually think about it until the moment we left the house to go shopping for rings. My now husband had done the right thing and given me a 'placement ring' because he knew that I would want some say in the matter. It was from the 1970s, was cool but a bit clunky, and not really me. I was sure I wanted a big stone - not a diamond - with minimal embellishment. Now, I don't know where I got the idea from, but it was there, firm in my mind. And then I tried on rings that should have been what I wanted and they didn't suit at all.

I ended up with an antique, from 1910. It's small and delicate and I love it. It's also different from all of my engaged and married friends - I also love that. I still don't know anything about different types of diamonds and shapes or rings, but I know that I ended up with the right ring. However, I do recommend, that if you are freshly engaged, you do a bit of research. Look up different ring types and styles - and watch this video for some inspiration.


100 Years of Engagement Rings

What's your favourite? Would you / do you have a vintage ring? What's your engagement ring style? Would you prefer something more modern or something you designed yourself?

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