How to remove false lashes

Lashes are great until you pull them off and they take half of your natural lash with them. Here's how to remove false lashes with minimum damage.

After ripped your natural lashes with your falsies, growing them back can be a challenge.  Your best bet is to remove them with caution. The main thing is not to rush with this process; impatience will just get you nowhere.

Below the how-to video, here are my top tips on how to remove your lashes without damage.

Start by applying an oil-based eye makeup remover to a cotton disk and hold it on the eye for one minute. Soak a Q-tip in the remover also and work it right into the lash line. Slowly ease the lash off. If there are areas that are sticking, use the Q-tip to slowly remove the adhesive.

Although its tempting, do not rip it off as it will pull your lashes with it.

If you want to get the most out of your lashes, clean and sanitise the lash for reuse on yourself only.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to removing your lashes?

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