How to apply false lashes

When applied correctly, false lashes can be such a lovely lift to the face.

False lashes can lift the face and help you to look like you make an effort without even trying. I'm a firm believer that once you have your eyebrows and lashes done you look like you have made an effort.

It can also be a lazy person way to ensure you always look well.

Sitting still for two hours a month may not be something you're into or even have the time for so learning to apply a false lash will be your best cheat ever.

Here are my top tips to apply false lashes like a pro.

Start by measuring the false lash to your lash line. Trim the lash down to fit your own lash line. Using a hair drier, heat up your metal lash curlers. Test it on your hand first to make sure it's not too hot.

Apply glue to the track line of the lash. Use it to imprint the wet glue on your own lashes. Leave it for about 60 seconds to let glue go tacky. Set the lash on your own lash and squeeze the natural lash and false lashes together either with your fingers or tweezers.

*Tip* Try applying them while looking down into a mirror. Set the mirror on your desk and look down into it. This will give you much more eye space to work with.

Finish with a light coat of mascara to stick the false and natural lash together.

Have you tried false lashes before? What's your biggest challenge with them?

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