3 pairs of 'jeans with a twist' you can actually wear in real life

Remember when jeans were just jeans? No? Us neither.

I don't own one pair of 'interesting' jeans. All of mine are skinny and too long for me, so I roll up the ends. I do have a pair that are ripped, but that's because they're ten years old and I wear them for housework.

These days, you have your pick. Skinny, cropped, flared, flared and cropped, distressed, embellished, embroidered, I could go on and on. Zips, frayed ends, tassels. OK, I'll stop now. It's a good thing; more choice means fewer identibots. Fashion is about personality, and it's only right that everyone's favourite wardrobe staple should come in multiple forms.

Ripped jeans are still all over the place, but because of that, they're getting a bit 'done'. That's why you can get rips going vertically now (from Topshop, who have by far the widest jeans range out there) but - no, thanks. That said, trying out 'interesting' jeans is worthwhile. If you're intent on developing a capsule wardrobe, which will probably consist of one or two pairs of 'classic' jean styles, trend-driven jeans could be one of those seasonal pieces you can try and possibly keep in your collection if it works for you.

Some of the recent trendy jeans on shop floors should be left there, however. Here are three that aren't run-of-the-mill, but you wouldn't feel like a fool in them either.


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