5 blouses that have caught up with the 21st century

Spring is on its way, that we know, but we also all know that winter weather does not cease by February. Sure, every second year it snows on St Patrick's Day.

That's why the best clothes are pieces that can be easily layered. In spring, one does not want to be wearing a woolly jumper that may or may not have a picture of a snowman on it. Spring is about floral prints, dainty dresses and bare legs. But it's also cold and blustery, and the central heating is still up to ninety. Wear that floral print, but make sure you have a nice big cardi to throw over it.

My go-to spring piece is the shirt. I like to wear oversized man's shirts with skinny jeans and a heel for the lampshade look without the thigh-high boot. This season, however, the blouse is making a comeback, and it's not as prissy or prim as you may think. The blouse of 2017 may be slightly old-fashioned, but it doesn't necessarily have to be styled with a knee length skirt and sensible brogues.

Instead, style your blouse with leather pants or skirt, and your trusty ankle boots. Wear a string top underneath, for warmth, and a jacket over it. You can even wear your coat over that, so you're extra snug.

We've found five blouses on the high street that you can wear to work, brunch or drinks in the local on a Sunday evening.



Oasis €20

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