Add some colour to your look instantly with this €5 tee

Trick Ireland into thinking it's actually summer with a purty €5 tee

We're not going to dress like it's Storm Emma times again, even though that's our mood right now. The Weather God is taking her sweet time deciding on whether she's actually going to give us a summer this year, but there's no need to act like it's still winter. Put away the fuzzy-hooded parka.

Haven't you noticed that the sun has been shining until about 9 o'clock? It is t-shirt season, despite the fact that your exposed arm skin might disagree. Train your wardrobe to believe that the warm weather is a-coming by giving it shade. A nice, bright, fun shade, is what I mean!

The €5 tee I found is not from Penneys, though that was a good guess. It's from a pretty big selection at Zara.

zara tee

Zara €4.95

Mustard is the easiest shade of yellow to pull off, and it's not bright enough to suggest that you are totally up for joining the gang in some organised fun.


If it's still not your cup of Dark Hot Chocolate from Butler's, there are plenty more colour pop tees to throw into your summer wardrobe for instant summerfication. topshop tee

Topshop €10

It's cropped, but don't feel nervous trying it. Wear with high waisted jeans and boots for the illusion of summer camp fun without being 12 or washboard of abs.

red tee other stories

& Other Stories €19

A wardrobe must-have, wear this with white now for a Dazed and Confused vibe, and at Christmas when you've used up all your party dresses.



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