Wear this dress to an autumn wedding to stand out from the crowd

An autumn wedding could be the hardest to dress for. The dress you wore all summer long is OVER, but you're not ready to go full on Christmas party wear.

If you're going to an autumn wedding, you might be facing a what-to-wear dilemma. It's hard to know what's suitable when the temperature is quite high one minute, and a national emergency is declared the next. In summer, you have to be prepared for it to be raining or cold, but you can still wear a light summery dress. In autumn - especially mid-late autumn - a light summery dress can look out of place, even if it's warm.

If you find yourself in this situation, though, Warehouse may have you covered. Its dress is multi-seasonal. It could be (late) summery, but it could be full on autumn. The secret? The sleeve. Yes, the sleeve, singular. It only has one.

warehouse autumn wedding guest dress

Warehouse €129

If you're not sure about the yellow shade (please, try it; it suits more people than you might think!) Warehouse also has a version in purple.

warehouse purple autumn wedding guest dress

Warehouse €129

We like the asymmetry and love the floatiness. The loose 'belt' is a lovely addition, too. It also has the potential for altering. Chop that sleeve off, and next spring, you have a brand new dress, for less.

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