This simple outfit combination is perfect for when you have 'nothing to wear'

The easy outfit formula to pull out every time you have you in a clothing crisis.

We all have those days when you open your wardrobe door and hate everything you own. There's nothing worse than having to get dressed for work or brunch or anything really and know that you're not going to feel good in whatever outfit you wear.

That IS a thing, you see. I'm a firm believer that when you like what you're wearing you just feel good. When you don't like what you're wearing, if you feel uncomfortable or if it doesn't fit right, it affects your mood. It's worse when you show up somewhere, and someone is wearing the outfit you want to wear. God, dressing yourself is hard.


That's why it is always a good idea to have a contingency plan. You more than likely have a pair of jeans that are always handy in a clothing crisis. They're likely to be comfortable, and they probably suit you too. Buy another pair. A good, flattering pair of jeans is the best item you can possibly own, but if you wear yours all the time, it might be in the wash at a time when you really need them. So, a backup pair is essential. You can have all the pairs you like from Penneys and ONLY (who do very good ones), but investing in a really good pair is a wise move.

You can also never have too many shirts, and a crisp white one is a wardrobe must-have. If you have one already, great! Now go buy another. Anyone out there who is white shirt-less, go out and buy two.


arnotts shirt outfit

cos shirt outfit

The final touch is a statement neck piece. Amber Heard elevates her white shirt with a cute bowtie.


We love a showstopping necklace though.

Or a scarf!


And that's it. Jeans, a shirt (it doesn't have to be white, but that's the default, and it's always handy to have) and a cool neckpiece. Done.

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