We think we've figured out Meghan Markle's wedding shoes

We predict that Meghan Markle's wedding shoes won't be bling-licious showstoppers and we've a good reason to believe so

Tomorrow, Meghan Markle will be the most famous woman in the world. We pity the woman whose wedding date is May 19th, because their dress will inevitably be compared to the future Duchess of Hopefully Not Connaught. And her hair and makeup and accessories and shoes. And speaking of shoes, we think we know what style she'll go for.

Like with your makeup look, you shouldn't stray too far from your usual choice when it comes to wedding shoes. Why would anyone wear a pair of platform heels when your usual choice is comfy flats? What's the point of strappy sandals when you mainly opt for a wedge?

Meghan's a stylish lady who knows what suits her, and that's why we think her feet will be clod in a pair of pointed courts. This shoe style outweighs any other she's tried according to the pictures we've closely examined. She wore them in her pre-Harry existence and went for them for almost all of her royal appearances.

Shoe detail of Meghan Markle as she attends The UJA-Federation of New York's Entertainment Division Signature Gala at 583 Park Avenue on June 2, 2015, in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

The next question is, will her wedding shoes be embellished like the ones she wore in 2015, or will she go plain and simple. OR might they be blue?

Meghan Markle at The Marker Hotel for the One Young World conference, Dublin, Ireland - 16.10.14. (Photo by WENN.com)

Remember when she came to Ireland? Come back, Meghan! We know you can pour a pint.

For more evidence of our wedding shoe theory, see the Meg gallery below. And don't forget, we're having a Royal Wedding Partay tomorrow and you're invited. Join us on Instagram, Twitter and here on site.

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