7 tie-dye pieces because it's so back in again

Well, this is a trend that just snuck up behind us without us even noticing. The tie-dye 'print' beloved of surf dudes and '90s teens is back and we're here for it.

When I was a child, my cousin gave me a t-shirt she had tie-dyed for my eleventh birthday. It was the best present I got that year. I don't actually remember anything else I got. I wore it until it was too cold to wear t-shirts (my birthday is in August), and then I kept on wearing it under jumpers. I thought I looked so cool in it. Maybe I did! But, I couldn't wear it forever - the tie-dye trend quickly went out of style. It didn't leave the scene altogether - some people are dedicated, life-long tie-dye fans, in the same way that some people will always wear Crocs - but now it's a proper trend. And call us shallow, but we're in.

If tie-dye simply isn't your thing, here are seven new pieces under €20 for an instant style boost.

Some of the pieces could almost be considered sophisticated. The Zara blouse (worn here as a dress) is one such piece, and we can't wait to wear it in the summertime. I also love the New Look blouse which is pretty even without the tie-dye, but the print gives it a little extra. Another piece I'm definitely into are the white tie-dye jeans. I really want to be that person who wears white jeans but I'm also extremely messy and clumsy. Those lil splotches will totally cover up any (inevitable) stains.



Tie-Dye Blouse €59.95


Black Tie Dye Mom Jeans 57

New Look

Black Tie Dye Jersey Bodycon Midi Dress €22.99

& Other Stories

Boxy Watercolour Organic Cotton Tee €19


Recycled Capsule Collection Tie-Dye Swimsuit €25.95


Tie Dye Shacket €52

New Look

Blue Tie Dye Button Up Shirt €22.99

 Were you into the trend the first (or second or third time)?

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