Topshop released another kinda crazy pair of jeans but you might wear these ones. Might.

Some of you are going to hate these immediately; I know that. Topshop wants you to hate them. And then they'll get all the cool kids to wear them so that you change your mind and they win the fashion wars.

A couple of weeks ago, everyone was talking about the Topshop jeans with plastic inserts for knees. Last week, we were first to report that they'd released a pair made of plastic completely. And we can imagine the Topshop marketing department celebrating with €1000 bottles of Champagne every time someone cottons on to their latest crazy jeans design. The publicity!

This latest pair are not totally mad, but they will certainly start a conversation. Remember those ski-pants of yore? Well, they were being resurrected by editors and street style stars all over Fashion Week last year, and now they've reached the high street. We didn't think it would really happen, but it has, thanks to Topshop.

Here they are, the MOTO Black Stirrup Joni Jeans.


You wear the stirrup over your white kitten heels, obvs.

Mar our words, Kendall Jenner will be wearing these soon. But, the question is, will you?

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