5 skinny jeans alternatives because no one's wearing them anymore

I mean, I'm still wearing them, and you probably are too, but skinny jeans are on the way out, and we need backup

Skinny jeans have been the wardrobe staple to rule them on for far too long, according to whoever sits on the Iron Throne in the fashion universe. They're problem solvers; you can wear them with everything for any occasion. At the peak of their popularity, no one could be seen wearing anything other than skinny jeans, except for the brief palazzo pants trends (that few people jumped on, TBH). Culottes came and haven't gone away just yet, but still the SJs reign.

The problem is, they just don't suit everyone. I wear skinnies most of the time, but now that society has drawn attention to my hideous hip dips (sorry, I shouldn't be ashamed of them, I should just accept them!) I'm over them.

You will see them in the shops; it will take a good few seasons for them to go away. They're fading, though. Topshop has 100 (or so) jeans styles to choose from, and skinnies don't feature highly. When you go to an online clothes store, skinny jeans appear much further down the page than they used to. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have moved towards the tall, slim, sexy mom look, and so have 90% of the world's cool girl population.

So, what's the alternative?

Tapered and cropped

And stripes are always a good option for summer.

new look skinny jeans alternative

New Look €29.99

Asymmetric hem

It was the jeans detail of last season; now it's adding an extra dimension to basic black trews.

zara skinny jeans alternative

Zara €39.95

Low, long and wide

Wear them instead of a skirt. Just not on a rainy day.

other stories skinny jeans alternative

& Other Stories €69

Straight cut jeans

Of course, you can still wear jeans, just not skinny jeans

cos skinny jeans alternative

Cos €69


The comfiest, most casual skinny jeans alternative AND you can dress 'em up.

oasis skinny jeans alternatives

Oasis €40



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